Who Are The Sandy Feet?

We are Chris and Freya, visual storytellers and writers who decided to share their passion for travel with the world.

We live and breathe travel, always chasing the next adventure and seeking out off-the-beaten path destinations to showcase the beauty of the less explored corners of the Earth.

Since launching The Sandy Feet in early 2016 we have enjoyed monthly progress, a growing portfolio of collaborations and an engaged, travel-focussed audience to inspire through our images and words.

What We Offer

Whether you’re a new business looking to get exposure to an engaged adventurous audience or an established brand wanting beautiful photography or written content for an upcoming campaign, we would love to work with you.

Photography + Video

With a professional photographer and accomplished filmmaker making up one half of The Sandy Feet, we can make your product or destination come alive through creative, high-quality imagery and visual storytelling, above or below the water.

Social Media Campaigns

From live videos to Instagram takeovers we can give your brand the right kind of exposure. Through fun and engaging content you can tap into our social media network and reach out to a like-minded audience across our growing number of fans.

Press Trips

Do you have an exciting new tour or an unconventional destination just waiting to be showcased to the world? We are always looking for new experiences, to capture emotive imagery and craft beautiful stories about them, and so is our audience. So, take us with you!


Have a new product, hostel or tour that you want to promote? We’ll try it out and write an honest, unbiased account of our experience, along with beautiful images to showcase the best you have to offer.

Sponsored Content

Do you offer an awesome adventure experience or have a unique product that aligns with our brand? An article curated by us to give exposure to your business would be featured on our website and social media channels.

Brand Ambassadorships

We’re always looking to work closely with brands to develop long-term partnerships, especially for products we really believe in and are proud to recommend to our readers. Think that could be your business? We’d love to hear from you!

Our Audience

Through personally crafted stories and beautiful imagery we hope to turn every product or place into an honest experience that can be enjoyed by our readers.

We cater to travellers who enjoy discovering the quirky, alternative side of a well explored urban destination, love getting up close with nature and those with a flare for adventure in unconventional places.


18-25    18%

25-34    48%

35-45    15%


61%    Female

39%    Male


26%  USA   |   9%  UK

6%  Montenegro  |  5%  Spain

5%  Canada  |  4%  Germany

3%  Australia  |  3%  Netherlands

By collaborating with us, your business will harness our growing network of social media fans and audience of keen readers looking to find their very own adventure.

Have a business that aligns with our brand? We’d love to help you!

Have an idea in mind that you think we might just love but doesn’t fall into the categories above? We’re happy to discuss it with you!

Please drop us a line at contact@thesandyfeet.com.

Full media kit and rates available upon request.

The Sandy Feet chooses only to work with businesses that align with our values and style of travel and that of our readers. All experiences will be discussed openly and honestly and we expect full editorial control on all content published.